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April 2023 Update

Okay, so let's start with expenses and how the month of April looked for us.

First thing is our income (post-tax, post 401K contributions, and post healthcare costs. April was a big month. But this includes Mr. Dad's last paycheck from my last job plus the first paycheck in my new job, which included a $10K sign-on bonus. Plus Mrs. Mom's salary.

Next are our normal expenses such as housing, HOA, security system, cars, insurance, gas. This totaled $3,218.47.

Now loans. Currently paying $150 for Mr. Dad's student loans. We have 2 personal loans that we used to move credit card debt to. Solar Panel loans, current credit card paydown (yes I know it's a lot...), and then we have "other loans" that include our couch and two bikes (I know I know), but they're at least at 0% interest?

Subscriptions are pretty self explanatory.

And then Home Services which includes our normal expenses for the house. Groceries are quite high for April, and definitely a place we need to work on.

Other expenses at the bottom includes way too many things. We had to repair our sprinkler system ($2,700), then there's Home Depot expenses, haircuts, restaurants, gym, Pet Insurance, clothing, etc. Much too high and honestly a little irresponsible on our end. But we've got a plan for May! If it hadn't been for the extra pay, we'd be in the negative this month!

Ok, so now on to May!

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