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May 2023 Update

Alright and now May.

May looks a bit different! was a big month. We are now back to our regular salaries between Mr. Dad's and Mrs. Mom's income and no additional money to include.

Next are our normal expenses such as housing, HOA, security system, cars, insurance, gas. This totaled $3,232.26.

Now loans. Currently paying $150 for Mr. Dad's student loans. We have 2 personal loans that we used to move credit card debt to. Solar Panel loans, current credit card paydown (yes I know it's a lot...), and then we have "other loans" that include our couch and two bikes (I know I know), but they're at least at 0% interest? And we're almost done with these silly expenses.

Subscriptions are pretty self explanatory.

And then Home Services which includes our normal expenses for the house. Groceries are quite high once again, and definitely a place we need to work on. I do add any alcohol to the grocery line so that may be inflated a bit with wine.

Other expenses at the bottom includes way too many things. This month included personal expenses, haircute, petstuff, restaurants, tolls, this website, gym, and gifts. Much too high and still need to work on bringing this down! At least a little better than last month.

Ok, so now on to June!

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